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The Smart Therapy Exercise Ball

PLAYBALL is an interactive therapy ball that engages patients through rehabilitation ball exercises while being able to play fun games and receive real-time visual feedback.

With PLAYBALL’s smart integrated sensors and performance tracking abilities, it allows users to record and better monitor their recovery processes.

         Certified Medical Device


  • Employs proprietary IoT technology 

  • In-built smart sensors allow for performance tracking

    • Collected data helps with producing a personalised care plan

    • Increases efficiency or rehabilitation

  • Portable for remote monitoring


  • Improves strength & build muscles

    • Increases the mobility of various muscle groups, such as hands, fingers, forearms, shoulders, thighs, core, and more

  • Minimizes pain & stiffness

    • Improves flexibility and blood circulation

    • Reduces chronic muscle and joint pain​

  • Created for comfort

    • High-quality rubber ball of the perfect size to ensure a comfortable non-slip grip​


Osnat A.
Director of OT

We find the PLAYBALL to be a great tool for evaluation and treatment. It helps increase motivation and encouragement in our patients when conducting activities they need.

Nina R.
Director at geriatric hospital

We have been using the PLAYBALL for a couple of months and are very happy with the product. 

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